Dam Restoration Project

The Friends of Victory Lakes Association is a community based non-profit organization incorporated in 2004. The Association was formed by our members to prevent the drainage of our lakes mandated by the NJDEP and to preserve Sunset and Victory Lakes through dam restoration. The process to have dam reconstruction plans developed, receive approvals and discuss revisions for cost management has been extensive. We appreciate all of our continuous and new members’ support throughout this process. Your contributions have allowed us to continue to invest in our lakes to maintain its water, community recreational activities and our property values. We have made significant progress on our efforts to receive final approvals for dam restoration and are in the final planning efforts for construction now. Once we embark on this construction project, your continued contributions, donations and funds from fundraising and grant writing efforts will be needed more than ever.

During the reconstruction process, the lower dam will be de-regulated as a dam due to the expected elevation and height of the dam compared to the water level. Due to the de-regulation, one of the approvals that has been made is for a product called “HydroTurf” (www.watershedgeo.com/hydroturf) to be used on the lower dam. It is similar to the look of Astroturf but has enhanced qualities that protect against the standard elements of a dam. The upper dam has not been approved for the use of this material but we have reached agreement with the NJDEP and our selected builder for acceptable building materials.

 HydroTurf Picture:


FVLA has partnered with Diamond Materials, LLC for the Dam Restoration project.  The schedule of the dam project has been set to minimize impact to our environment and assist with cost savings due to this management.  The construction work on this project has started in October 2015.  As part of this project, FVLA has applied for a Lowering Permit for the water in the lake while construction efforts on the dam spill box are completed.

Once the dam reconstruction project is complete… we need a celebration!!! More thoughts (and solicited suggestions) on what we can do for that later. More importantly as a community, that means we now have a loan to pay (low interest through the NJ Division of Dam Safety (co-signed by Monroe Township) in order to retain our lake association.  We will continue to solicit for increased membership enrollment, collect much needed donations and hold events to help with our fundraising events.  Please read the other sections of our site specifically Donations and Volunteers to learn how to support these efforts.