When should I wear FVLA identification?

FVLA identification must be worn anywhere on FVLA property. Security and other members will be looking for your ID when you are on the property. If you have forgotten your ID, you will be asked to retrieve it immediately or you must leave the property.

Can I keep the fish I catch?

No. All fishing at this time is catch and release. You must also have a current New Jersey fishing license.

Can I take my powered boat on the lakes?

Only electric motors are permitted on the lakes in order to protect the lakes’ environment; gasoline engines are not permitted. Please check with the state of New Jersey as to licensing and/or registrations requirements for electric motors. Paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, and rowboats are welcome. Please use the boat ramps when launching your boat to protect the lake shorelines.

Is parking available?

There are parking areas near the boat ramps. Your vehicle must have FVLA ID on the back of your rearview mirror.

I am an FVLA member. Can I use the property for a party?

All FVLA members may use the lakes and property for family and/or friendly gatherings. However, you must contact the Board Secretary for approval with the date you would like to use the property and the approximate number of people attending your event. The Rules and Regulations must be followed by everyone in attendance. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the property as this represents a liability to the association.

Is there an installment payment plan for yearly dues?

Installment payment of your yearly dues can be arranged through the Board Secretary. You will not be considered to be a member until the yearly dues are fully paid, at which time you will receive your FVLA ID.

I paid my first year of dues but did not pay the last two years’ dues. Am I still a member?

You are considered a delinquent member without privileges. If you wish to regain member privilege, you must pay all delinquent dues plus the current year’s dues. This applies to all levels of resident membership, including Charter or Patron.

Are FVLA events only for members?

NO…FVLA events are for everyone to enjoy.  Anyone can attend our events unless specifically stated otherwise in the event details.  Please see the Calendar of Events to see if there are events you may wish to attend.

Is Sunset Beach open for swimming?

Sunset Beach is currently closed for swimming due to the Dam Restoration project.

Who is responsible for Security of lake property?

Our community is our security.  All members are allowed to notify non-members of violations to security for usage of lake property. It is suggested that you also recommend opportunities for lake community involvement (e.g. daily pass, seasonal pass or residential membership). If non-members refuse to abide by trespassing rules, you have the authority to contact Monroe Township police to report. Un-identified FVLA member vehicles on lake property may also be subject to towing if on lake property.

Some FVLA members have occasionally volunteered to assist with security and have been authorized to sell and collect daily pass fees directly from non-members.  These members have been approved by the FVLA Board and can provide identification to non-members.  Also note, for special events and on occasion, FVLA typically institutes special security for attendance.

Do you have to be a member to cross the dams?

No. FVLA is supporting the 60 year history that the dams are a means of egress between the two halves of the community separated by the lakes. However, nonmembers may not loiter on the dams but may use them as a means of crossing the lakes by foot or bicycle. If you walk a dog while doing so, you are expected to pick up after your pet.

I have Lakefront property, what are the requirements if I would like to build a dock or other structure on the lake?

Please review the FVLA dock application form for more information.