MembershipMeetingNotes 11-12-2018

FVLA Membership Meeting Minutes- 11/12/18 7:10 PM

Families attending: 10 families

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM
  • Motion to open by Irene Sheridan
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Terry read the minutes from last membership meeting
  • Motion to approve by Dennis Cox & Irene Sheridan


  1. Treasurers Report:
  • PNC Operating account: $29,741.82
  • PAYPAL account : $3,957.63
  • BB&T account: $45,948.31
  • Amazon Smile : $21.54


  1. Additional money:
  • Dam restoration engineer fees :                             $7500.00 – $21000.00

Invoice sent to us and Herb is negotiating this fee;

  • Interest on Dam loan :                             2% of loan

This is incurred from time of loan disbursement.

  • Dam restoration Loan repayment:                              $22,000. Every 6 mos.
  • Refund of Lily Pad Treatment payment: $6,265.50

Kelly is getting this payment returned to us.


  1. Lake Maintenance:
  • Second lake is not considered a dam so it is not subject to regulations.
  • This year we lowered the lake to help with lily pad problem and we feel it has helped to some degree.
  • Last time we tried to lower two lakes it was a lot of work to keep up with. We want to get the lowering of lakes on a schedule. Lakes can only be lowered every other year.
  • Will try to get the lily treatment again in the upcoming year. This has to be done in the spring. We will discuss this again in March.
  • This year we will lower the 1st The will be back up to correct level by March 15th.
  • We discussed the stumps in the lake and if they could be removed. A member said that they are petrified and could not be removed.
  • The lily pad removal was discussed and the fact that if you pull them out you can’t leave them in the lake as some of them will regenerated again.


  1. Dam Reconstruction project :
  • Pending engineer certification of Project completion
  • Hydro turf bubble on 5th st dam is being reviewed.


  1. Santa Breakfast :
  • Looking for donations.
  • Three baskets will be made: Boys, Girls & Family.


  1. Upcoming Events & Meetings:
  • Went over dates and times for the upcoming year.
  • The 2019 FVLA calendars will cost $25.00
  • We have flyers for the community center with rates on them (42 people have ordered so far).
  • Terry spoke about the by-laws and changing the voting rights for all members. This will be voted on in March.
  • We are looking for a new way to advertise to get the word out when the meetings are being held.
  • A member brought up questions about the new housing development that is being built close to the lake. We have not had a one on one discussion with the builder yet about how this will affect our community.
  1. Voting :
  • Dues: 5/7 voted keep the dues same as prior year.
  • 4 voted to make meeting quarterly
  • 3 voted meetings 3x a year.

Motion to close meeting was made by Irene Sheridan & Bob Dion.

Meeting closed at 7: 53;