Friends of Victory Lakes Association

Victory Lakes is a private lake community located in Williamstown NJ with a history dating back to the 1900s. The Friends of Victory Lakes Association, a recognized 501-C non-profit, was formed when the lakes in our community were in danger of being drained due to a violation of NJDEP Dam Safety Regulations. Drainage of the lakes would leave the community without its local water recreational resource, leave wildlife without a home, and bring down property values.The community rallied together to form the organization in 2004 & purchase the lakes from the private owner.  As a community, the FVLA took ownership of lakes and their surrounding areas. They also took out a loan to pay for the much needed dam repairs.  To this day, the community and the FVLA continue to work together to repay the loan.

The Friends of Victory Lakes Association is dedicated to the community and in addition to the preservation of the lakes, focuses on bringing the community together and making Victory Lakes a great place to live!  As of 2021, the association established an alternative means for collecting monies for the dam loan repayment.    These changes allow for the collection of monies from all residents whose original deeds state that they have lake rights.
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Non-residents can enjoy all the recreational activities our community has to offer such as our diverse wildlife population, fishing, boating, and visiting our community lake beach by purchasing seasonal passes.  We also have our community Ruch building available to rent for non-residents and at a discounted rate for residents.

The Friends of Victory Lakes has many great ideas for events and fundraising but we do not have enough volunteers.  If you have an idea and would like to volunteer, we would love to hear from you!  Please click here.

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