FVLA Board Members

Board Members Positions Open:

If you are interested in applying for a board position, please complete the FVLA Board Application and email [email protected] or call us at (856) 818-FVLA for more information.  It is a great opportunity to get involved, meet your neighbors and help plan some exciting fundraising events!

Current FVLA Board Members:

Position Board Member Name
President Open
Vice President Kelly Heins
Treasurer Teresa Schureman
Secretary Katie McNeal
Recording Secretary Open
Technical Director Victor DeSanta
Trustee, Audit Director Open
Trustee, Conservation Director Open
Trustee, Grant Writer Open
Director Community Programs Lindsey Belcher
Assistant Director Community Programs Tracy Deputy
Position Job Description
President It shall be the duties of the President and Vice-President to preside at all meetings of the Association, and of the Board of Trustees, and appoint such committees as they shall deem necessary.  They may call a special meeting of the Association at their pleasure and also do so at the written request of three members in good standing.  Shall manage the Business development, Neighborhood Watch Program and Grounds Maintenance Team.  They shall be ex-officio members of all committees.
Vice President
Treasurer It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all monies and to give his receipt thereof, and to deposit the same in a bank or other certified financial institution approved by the Board of Trustees; to pay all bills approved by the Board of Trustees by check, countersigned by approved Board members and/or Trustees on file at bank or financial institution; to send bills for membership dues, to keep a correct account of all monies received and paid in a book provided for that purpose; at all meetings, make a written report showing all receipts and disbursements within the Association; to act as agent for the Association and make any necessary reports required.  Upon completion of the Treasurer’s term of Office, the Board of Trustees must audit all books.
Board Secretary Board Secretary It shall be the duty of the Secretary to perform all administrative dues.  Insure organization is adhering to all business compliances.  Maintain records of membership, and yearly organization calendar.  Shall back up Recording secretary if absent.  In cases of inability of the Secretary to attend any meetings, he/she shall cause the necessary books and papers to be conveyed to the place of the meeting.  Oversees any real estate, property tax or insurance issues.  Liaison to website.
Recording Secretary Recording Secretary It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a true record of all proceedings of the Association and of the Board of Trustees in books provided for that purpose, to keep a roll of all members, to have custody of all records reports and communications connected with the meetings.  Create fliers and brochures related to meetings, events and sponsorships.  Liaison to website.
The Board of Trustees shall have charge of the general management and control of the property of the Association.  It shall be their duty to carry out the purpose of the Association according to its By-laws and to make all purchases and sales and negotiate all contracts authorized by the Association; to audit all bills and records of the Association; to keep a correct record of their proceedings, which shall be made known to the body at the next meeting of the Association.  The Board of Trustees shall meet at such times as may be directed by the President. All rulings/decisions made by the Board of Trustees shall be a two-thirds (2/3) majority.
Grant Trustee Grant Trustee shall research, write and file grants for the organization.  The focus of grants shall be based upon the future project(s) of the association.  Research programs to strength and align our organization.  Seek opportunities from local, state and federal entities as well as corporations that provide complimentary business venture that consigns with the organization’s mission statement.
Marketing Director Marketing Director and/or Event Planning Coordinator Trustee shall research new fundraising concepts and execute the projects approved by the Board.  Manage, advertise and host events.  Liaison to fundraising committee.
Compliance & Audit Director Compliance & Audit Director shall ensure all non-profit, charitable, gaming and IRS regulations and filings are complete.  Prepare yearly operating budget.  Create budget requirements for grant and business ventures.  Ensures the organization complies within the rules and regulations of its by-laws and all local, state and federal requirements.
Conservation Trustee Conservation Trustee shall oversee the Educational/Environmental Committee.  Explore alternative methods, classes, and projects to improve the wildlife, water and recreation within the community.  Research conservation efforts offered through local, state and federal entities.
Other Officers Other Officers Other Officers may be appointed by the President, with concurrence of the remaining Officers.  A Legal Counsel, a Newsletter Editor, Finance/Fundraising Chairperson, Education/Environmental Chairperson, Security Officer, Maintenance Officer or such other assistant Officers as are deemed necessary need not be a member of the Association.