Annual Dues Information

Homes in our area were provided with lake rights in their original deed. These lake rights allow our community to enjoy the benefits of our lake for great wildlife, fishing, boating, and other recreational activities. Additionally, it allows for discounted access to the FVLA George Ruch Community Center for rentals. Discounts may also be applied to FVLA sponsored events and select FVLA merchandise. Dues collected are used to support the repayment of our dam restoration loan, maintaining all FVLA grounds, and any other upkeep and maintenance fees that may come up from daily operations of the lakes. Please check this page frequently as additional updates and FAQs will be posted here in the future.

Important Information to Note:

  • Yearly Association membership for residential members is based upon where the property is located to the lake. Possible classifications include: Lakeside, Lakeview, Within the Community, or Vacant Lot.  
  • Seasonal membership is available to individuals/groups who do not live within the community but still would like access to the FVLA properties.
  • Daily passes are available for visitors and are sold by The Shop Pizzeria and Market, as well as, online by clicking here. 
  • The FVLA volunteers and board members that intermittently patrol our lake areas may also sell these passes.
  • Membership renewals should be submitted during the annual renewal period.  If you have not yet submitted your dues, please do so ASAP. You can make your payment using the PayPal links here. Credit card is also accepted using this method.
  • Due to our low stimulus rates, senior citizen discounts do not apply.
  • Please also mail your application to: Friends of Victory Lakes Association P.O. Box 1276 Williamstown, NJ 08094
  • After annual dues are paid someone will contact you to discuss how and when you will receive your membership materials.

Identification Instructions:

Daily Pass Bracelets or Membership Beach Tags – Must be worn when using property.

Boat Stickers – Must be placed on left front & right front of boat.

Minors must be accompanied by an Adult at all times while on any FVLA properties.

Identification is to be used by members of the household only.

Non-Payment of Annual Dues:

All members are required to be up-to-date with dues to continue to enjoy the recreational and wildlife facilities Friends of Victory Lakes Association has to offer.  All members (resident and seasonal) are provided with personal, vehicle, and boat identification badges that identify them as members.  Daily pass holders are provided with an online receipt or daily pass ticket or daily membership ID that must be presented, if requested.  If identification is not able to be provided, you will be asked to leave the lake property.  FVLA reserves the right to contact local authorities for any persons who remain on FVLA property after being asked to leave. Unidentified vehicles on lake property may also be subject to towing.  Please ensure you keep your ID available to avoid any confusion.

We understand some have not made their annual payment for one reason or another. Some of which may include the following. Please contact FVLA so that your concerns can be addressed.

  • Financial struggle: Please contact us to discuss payment plans or volunteer opportunities to minimize dues
  • Past personal experience: Some may have had issues not addressed by previous board(s). Board members and security representatives have changed throughout the years. Please let the current Board members know of any concerns you currently have by emailing us at
  • Disagreement with Association Objectives: Please let us know what your expectations/recommendations are for our lake community and thoughts on how our objectives differ. The more information we are given the better we can make our community.

Reference Documents: