Declaratory Judgement

Informational Update:   We have been receiving similar questions and wanted to provide residents with additional information.   Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

“I don’t want to be a member or have anything to do with the FVLA” – The complaint is not seeking to make you a member of the FVLA.  Any monies collected since the notification provided to residents via USPS in 2021 have been used for dam loan payments, dam loan payment collection proceedings, and ongoing maintenance of the lake and lake properties.   Social events and the Ruch building upkeep and management are not included in the payment request and making a payment will not oblige membership. The language on our website has been changed to read payments rather than membership/dues.

“I paid my dues, why am I receiving this” – If you have already made your payments, there is nothing further you have to do at this time.  All residents included in the suit are legally required to be given this information, whether paid or unpaid.  Yes, current board members are named in the summons as well.   We do apologize if this is your first time hearing of this as we tried our best to get the information out by communicating through Facebook posts, website updates, information mailings, and quarterly meetings.     It was necessary to include all residents’ names.   If you have not received this information, please email the board at [email protected] to arrange delivery.

“I’m going to refuse to accept the paperwork or pretend I’m not home” – Refusal or avoiding receiving the paperwork does not negate the process.    Please review the link below for more information –    Please email the board at contact to arrange delivery if you have not received your paperwork.

Facebook Posts

Posted 1/9/2023 at 12:21p

As many of you know, the declaratory judgements were served today. If you haven’t received it, you can contact us at [email protected] and 856-818-3852 and someone will get back to you no later than Wednesday to arrange drop off. If you have questions and would like a fast response, please email. Phone calls will be answered in the order they are received and will take longer to respond.

All residents, paid or unpaid have or will receive these documents. If you pay your dues, there is nothing further you need to do. If you do not, please read the packet thoroughly for next steps.

If you wish to pay your dues, you can send a check to PO Box 1276, Williamstown NJ, 08094 or visit or website and pay online by selecting memberships, scrolling to bottom, and selecting the appropriate year for dues.

Invoices including past due balances, and April’s payment information and due date will be sent out in February.

Posted 1/10/2023 at 10:23a

The FVLA is aware that there are multiple concerns, frustrations, and questions regarding the Declaratory Judgement. We are aware there are postings on other sites and encourage anyone who has questions to email or call and speak with someone who can answer your questions with facts, rather than opinions, hearsay, and confirmed mistruths. The FVLA has tried their best to keep the community informed throughout this process by holding quarterly informational meetings, sending detailed mailings, posting Facebook updates, and updating the Website. We do apologize if this is coming as a surprise to anyone, especially paying residents and we would be happy to provide you with more information. Please email or call. It was necessary to include paying and non-paying residents alike for legal reasons. This case is now being handled by an attorney and we are aware that all emails and phone calls may be recorded. We can assure you that the information we provide will be facts and truth to the best of our ability.

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