FVLA Rules and Regulations


These rules adopted by FVLA govern the use of Upper Victory and Sunset Lake and surrounding park properties. In addition to any specific provisions contained in these rules, the Board may restrict uses or activities within the park or on the lakes as necessary to preserve and/or protect or to assure the safety of the users.

1) Litter

All trash and litter must be carried out of the park, lakes, and surrounding area. No disposal of food products is permitted in the lakes.

2) Fires

No person may leave a fire without totally extinguishing it. Fires are permitted only in designated fire rings and members must receive a permit from the Cecil Fire Department.

3) Washing

Use of any soap or detergent is not permitted.

4) Parking

All vehicles must park in designated areas.

5) Groups

Prior registration is required for day use for 10 or more guests. The active member is responsible for the safety and activities of all their guest.

6) Disturbances

No person may create a disturbance that impairs the enjoyment of the park by others. Quiet hours are 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

7) Boats

All watercraft must have FVLA identification stickers displayed. No fossil fuel motors may be used or carried on the lakes.

8) Fishing

All local laws apply. NJ fishing licenses are required. Sunset & Upper Victory lakes are catch and release only.

9) Protection of Natural Resources

No person may remove any natural object from the property. No person may deface, paint, damage remove or vandalize any object, structure or sign within the park. No permanent structure or object may be installed on the property without the written approval of FVLA. No dumping or disposal of natural or manmade waste or material.

10) Swimming

Swimming is at your own risk. ( F.Y.I. – Sunset Beach is currently closed for swimming due to the projected Dam restoration project. Swimming will be back once complete. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

11) Minors

All minors should be accompanied by an adult while on FVLA property. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the minor’s actions.

12) Wildlife

No wildlife of any kind may be harmed or removed. No wild or domestic animals, reptiles or fish can be introduced to the park.

13) Identification

Membership identification must be displayed at all times when using FVLA properties.

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